Meet Heather

Kids are my thing. My heart has been set on making a difference since before I can remember. I am a graduate from Winona State University with a degree in Education and have been teaching since 2009. My newest journey as a photographer has blessed me with being able to enjoy two of my passions: Education & Photography. I am a teacher to little ones by day and capture special moments by night. During my spare time I enjoy quality time with my loving family consisting of my amazing husband Andrew, my miracle baby boy Max (3 Years) and 3 pups: Bentley, Jazzi, & Charlie.  I feel so blessed in my professional journey in Education and Photography and can not wait to see where this road continues to take me. I keep very busy and enjoy the time I have to take pictures for all of you!

My passion for photography and the camera started very young. Once I was old enough to operate a camera it was never put down to this day. The love of "life through the lens" started that young and most say "I picture my life"; literally! I was always the one insisting on pictures everywhere I went. I was and still am THAT girl with the camera. =) I love images that capture the details and the interactions. It's these life moments that we want to hold onto and keep in our hearts forever. Real life. Silly moments, quiet moments, loving moments. Together. My approach to photography captures just that through relaxed, fun, and in the moment shoots. I use primarily natural light and shoot mostly outdoor/on-location. Your home, a local park, a neighborhood landmark...all make wonderful settings for your photo shoot. Where ever you are most comfortable-so your true selves can shine for the camera. 

My focus involves just being natural-whatever that may be. I encourage children and seniors to be themselves, couples and families to be themselves...whether serious or silly, loud or quiet, as well as encourage some gentle posing. I want your custom portraiture to be easy, fun, and inspiring. 

My blog will feature many pictures posted of time spent with family and friends capturing special times in their life.

If you are interested in my photography, love my style, and want to spend an afternoon with me having some fun outdoors taking some pictures, feel free to get in touch with me! I look forward to meeting you!

-Heather Rose Grigg

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